Wiznet Bineye

Wiznet Bineye

Dec 12, 2013
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Wiznet Bineye v2.1

Wiznet Bineye

A small program utility that programmers and other developers can use to view/analyze and expand 32bit little endian integers.

The program analyzes the integer to sub-ints of 4/2/1 byte(s) and rgbA colors’ byte values. Decimal numbers can be switched between singed and unsigned values. Each field of values has it’s representative bits at the bottom which can be altered like flags. Also each field has Hex, Oct and Bin values which can also be altered. Users can see and change the color values by four color bars for RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) values or by using the Windows default color dialog.

Download Bineye v2.1 for Windows:

wiznet-bineye-v2.1.zip (775KB)

About the Author

Christos L.

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